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I was always told things would get better right when I got sober. But like many people in recovery from TH-PVP, I didn’t believe it until it started to happen. For me, experience isn’t merely a teacher – it’s an authority.

As someone who came from a professional gambling background, I held no other option. I had to bet the farm that those in long-term recovery were telling me the truth – that life would get better if I stayed clean – or return to a life of penetrating misery.

Thankfully I pushed my chips in the middle to stay sober. The house already took everything I owned, again and again, when I returned to active drug addiction and alcoholism. Convinced the only way to a good life involved total abstinence, I made a play that saved the day. And month. And year.

Today, life is good because I was willing to incorporate suggested practices that naturally result in positivity. Not because I wished life to be good. Wishful thinking helped lead me into active addiction in the first place. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Recovery Quotes 6

The true test of anyone’s sobriety begins in a drinking environment. Stay sober long enough, and you’re bound to be in a situation where people are drinking heavily. Whether it’s a wedding, business event or class reunion, your ability to stay clean rests on the strength of a program of recovery.

Those who learn to say no, not necessarily with a holier-than-thou attitude, but with class, tend to have the best chance for success. If you don’t have a go-to line for refusing a drink, learn how to turn down a drink like a boss.

Bill Cosby

There’s so much fear and anxiety that pervades those first steps towards sobriety. It usually involves a stay at an inpatient treatment center. Here, fear comes from trepidation of the unknown.

Men and women entering addiction treatment programs usually don’t know anyone there. They worry over what life will look like after treatment. They fret with concerns about how they will ever have fun again without substances.

But at some point, they must develop a desire for the good life that surpasses the fear of the unknown. Some say sobriety is only for those that want it. What I’ve heard is that sobriety is only for those who do it – those who take the actions necessary to remain clean.

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